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Tough battle for newcastle seat iemma/Twitter/Instagram @maggie_cameron

The last time Newcastle fought it out with rivals was in 2006 when they won 15 of the 32 seats in this county.

That season Newcastle were relegated for the fourth time in as many years, and had to wait three years to secure promotion.

On Wednesday they will try to do it again under a new manager.

Former Liverpool boss Alan Pardew was fired by the club on April 19.

A statement from Pardew, in reference to the vote, read: "My thoughts and prayers are with all the members of the club today.

"At this time, I would like to thank all those involved in delivering the best possible football club for everyone involved."

St Johnstone, who have already sacked manager Neil Lennon, took on the St Mirren team in the derby at their training ground on Wednesday and will go into the match as a surprise Premier League team.

Media playback is not supported on this device Johnnie Williams' interview in August 2016

Johnnie Williams, who joined St Mirren from Yeovil Town in March, will be the No 2 in manager Alan Pardew's squad for the game.

The former Manchester City defender, who returned to City to play for the club in 2015 and is one of the best young centre backs in the game, has also been linked with Sunderland and Crystal Palace.

St Mirren have previously managed Dundee, Pilton and Stranraer, but Williams did not last long under his predecessor, Craig Whyte, who stepped down after just 24 games as Newcastle manager.

St Mirren boss Alan Pardew is expected to make his first visit to Newcastle for the first-ever visit of his new team-mates before the kick off on Monday evening.

He is joined by fellow Reds boss Peterborough United coach Keith Hill as well as current manager Kevin MacDonald, who has only been in charge of St Mirren this year and did not manage the team during its relegation battle last season.

On Friday Newcastle will be represented by their famous blue shirt, red and black.

Push to change organic standards: 'It's going to change your life'

By David Walsh – Food Network

There is no better way to impress and engage children than with a healthy meal that includes organic fruits and vegetables.

For all the talk about our need to look after the environment, healthy food and nutrition, most children are under-researched on the best food source and its source and use.

In the UK, over half (52%) are unaware about the organic food, and only two in ten (15%) realise that organic foods are 100% free from chemical fertilisers.

This awareness around organic is an important issue. Over the past decade we have seen a shift away from conventional and organic produce and towards the use of'sustainable' or locally grown ingredients (fruits and vegetables are one example).

We can't just talk about this new lifestyle in every corner of our homes, but it should be a key part of the educational discussion about how the food we grow and eat is generated, processed and sold. And you can help to boost awareness, by spreading the word about 'organic' by supporting the campaign, which encourages parents to talk about this topic in their own lives.

Find out more and learn how to make 'organic' a priority in your children's meals by talking to your children about the importance of 'organic' foods.