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Invictus games captivating images from inspiring performances and inspiring stories as seen through the eyes of women who have gone through the same experiences as those participating in these games.

This is a great opportunity for women to share their experiences and share their successes as women.

It was with great excitement we decided to create the "We want your stories!" campaign. The aim of the campaign is to encourage women to write about what is great about the games they play. Some of the ideas we have thought of are...

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What is a game?

A game is a combination of a game like tennis or rugby that involves the player and other players to play something that requires strategic and technical skill.

Games have a unique form of expression based on the player's body language, gestures and behaviour. Games are great to socialise with people, meet new friends and meet strangers. However, games can also be enjoyed by people who find them to be too scary or difficult to be fun in any case.

Games have a life span of anywhere between 30 minutes to 30 years. It is estimated that approximately 8% to 17% of adults play games every year, and that games can affect a person's life and wellbeing for over a decade.

Games are a great activity for children.

While no game can replace playing with other people, games provide a chance for you to immerse yourself in other people. You will become an integral part of their lives as they interact and experience their feelings, values and interests. Games can also have a great effect on the environment as you have a chance to experience different activities and interact with your friends in a safe and healthy environment, in which the players are not expected to do anything illegal or dangerous, even if they are intoxicated or distracted by alcohol.

Games are an excellent and unique way to express self.

Groups of people will come together to play games, sharing what you can learn from each other and what they are experiencing.

For example... A group of 15 friends can get together with the idea of creating a group game, which is a place to learn different game mechanics as well as some ideas on what they should do to create that group game. It is a very useful tool to help you learn in a group when you're having trouble with your current game, or perhaps a different game with a higher level of difficulty to fit that role. In a game, the player creates their own life experiences by engaging in specific events such as making a game or taking part in a game that has specific aspects that are a combination of challenging and fun.

The key to this game is to choose a game that is fun for the group as well as the individual player.

The drum thursday january 21:30 PM – 21:50 PM in the basement of the old courthouse building at 2550 3rd street, north of 5th avenue.

Free – check them out

Singing in downtown San Diego

Join the band in downtown San Diego. They'll be playing a bunch of music on tap including live music, jam bands, and lots of cover songs. In the evening, check out local bands on stage. This date is all ages so bring the whole family!

5:00 PM – 10:30 PM in a new location at the new venue building on the west side of the street at 2601 2nd avenue.

Free – check them out, and check the SF Sound website to find out about events in their area.

San Diego Opera on the San Diego Bayfront

In late November or early December, the San Diego Opera performs in the historic San Diego Bayfront Museum.

The San Diego Opera is one of the leading opera companies in America and is the oldest theatre in America. Their first play, a "Shakespearean drama," opened in 1904 as the Santa Clara Festival of Music with an extended run and went to Broadway in 1905, the San Francisco Symphony in 1906, the San Francisco Symphony and Golden Gate Ballet Theatre in 1909, then the San Francisco Symphony and San Diego Opera in 1913.

In July 2015, the San Diego Opera won the 2012 Pulitzer Prize for Drama for its latest play, "The Merchant of Venice." This is an exciting new project with many international characters and settings. You can still see rehearsals, see other famous names like Paul Revere and Charles Dickens, and catch a performance by the London Symphony Orchestra. See if you can get tickets here for this beautiful show.

Visit the SF Opera website for the latest information and a listing of dates when the San Diego Opera will perform.

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You can use our sales tool or call the box office at 210-222-9000 to place a transaction. You'll need proof of U.S. mailing address or credit card payment for this transaction.