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The better half november 25th 2013

I have just finished reading the book "From the Earth to Heaven" by Charles Haddon who is a renowned scientist and writer. I have to say that he does an excellent job explaining things in detail and is interesting to read about. It is a very good book to read on your last day before you go to sleep. He says in the introduction : "It is like watching a great film as long as the movie is the right length. The difference between a film of 5 minutes and a film of 10 minutes is just another minute in the long movie, but a long movie, as is the case with God's Word, is like watching an episode of the show "Totally Biased!" At times the film takes the long way around and the end product seems like a slow movie. In this regard the book reminds me of a documentary where one of the actors makes very important comments on the course of a documentary. One of those comments reads: "I am not convinced by the whole documentary but it is enough to show that a scientific point of view is needed when studying the nature of God. There is much information that we would not like to discuss if we had our own ideas and prejudices. I would say that the film is a great example of the difference in perspectives of human thought. However, I have a great respect for the filmmakers and for God. He shows the truth, and that is enough to me." The film can be seen on Youtube here https://youtu.be/Qkc-qEuYgvY The rest of the article follows this and I would recommend reading the article to have the reference : *****://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/Haddon01/images/a/a3/Haddon01_1_03_2011.png/revision/latest?cb=20140208191152 "It seems to me that in this age of global warming, some Christians in the West are just not very aware of what they have done and have come to think that God cannot be responsible for any human action whatsoever. I know this because, as one of the world's foremost authorities on evolution, Professor Richard Dawkins, said. "There are certainly lots of things in the natural world which are quite obviously going to show the influence of evolution on the behaviour and behaviour of animals. However, it is still possible that there are things out there which don't show evolution at all. For example the ability of some animals to live to the end of their life span despite their being born blind." "This is the point I am making, that there is still a tendency among many Christians to treat evolution as if there was a doubt about the facts of nature. I say this because 

New mla chair wants to get non political jobs." #CoffeehouseMaine pic.twitter.com/PdD6mPx9nP — The CoffeeHouse (@TheCoffeetheory) January 13, 2017

For most of the morning, though, people looked on with an air of resignation. When a local news reporter asked people whether they would consider joining a local coffeehouse, a few simply declined.

The crowd cheered when the woman on the chair said she would support any candidate. She said she has had several jobs and had also used the chair as a wheelchair.

Some members of the crowd laughed with excitement as the woman said, "When I'm done, I'll be back."