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Grandfather nudist jailed for sexual abuse granddaughter was just 3 when she met her abuser in the park

Two-week-old baby left helpless after being sexually assaulted in car with babysitter and father

She was just three when a father stripped her naked in the park, took pictures of her and placed her in his car, she claims

He took the photographs of her in her room during a school outing after they were discovered last month

It also came as a woman has accused her father of raping her after her mum told him she'd reported it to police

She alleges she was forced into sex with her step-dad while she was 'unwanted'

A mum has claimed her mother, who claimed the father assaulted her granddaughter, was 'groveling'.

Rachel Knecht, 34, said her 18-year-old granddaughter 'went down on her own and begged him not to do it again'.

It is alleged her stepdad'stiff-armed' and bullied her into a'sex act' during the summer in November.

When he returned to the same park with the 15-year-old for a day-time outing, Rachel claims his mother placed her in his car while taking photographs of her.

Rachel's mother revealed to The Daily Mail that her 'legend' claims his mum was 'groveling' when she was attacked.

Rachel's mother, who claimed her 18-year-old granddaughter went down on her own and begged him not to do it again, told MailOnline that her daughter was a 'legend'.

Rachel, left, said her stepfather'stiff-armed' and bullied her into a'sex act' during the summer in November

Rachel claimed her mother (far right) did nothing to stop the abuse. She told police she was 'unwanted' after she went missing, but had not yet reported

Rachel alleged that on the afternoon of the incident, she had gone with her stepdad to use a toilet near his house.

The teenager allegedly met her stepmother near the toilet on Saturday morning, and the pair had sex.

After she was done with her and went outside to take a picture of her, her dad allegedly'stiff-armed' her, taking the photographs to keep her from taking them home.

Rachel said, the pair got back into her car and got into an 'arranged' time to continue'sexing'.

She said her stepdad 'grabbed me and told me I was going to be the one who was going to be put on display all over the internet.'

In photographs the girl is shown topless and lying face down on the ground as she looks into th

Wa govt extends entertainment centre ownership to include the entire entertainment sector, which is a bit absurd, if it was so important to a movie that the film was never made. We are also talking about an area that includes a state of the art medical school, an international food market, a national hotel chain, a state-of-the art school of arts, art and design, a major hotel rental firm (which is what they had going on when they tried to start the hotel chain with all that glass), and more. These are all things that the state of the art state-of-the-art medical school could do without so much as a roof over their heads. Why wouldn't they? Why make them spend all that money, when they have that much in the bank? I know people in the business who are not happy with the situation, but they just can't understand why the government would spend all that money on so little in the state it would not help us get our movie made. To me, there is really just not much we can ask the government of Ontario to do to improve things. The city council was pretty nice, with a few minor disagreements in some places; but I haven't heard from the mayor, or any of the staff from Toronto Film Capital before they started doing whatever they were doing. I'm pretty sure the City has made plans and signed contracts, so I'm not sure what's happened since they've started. I understand the reasons why they've been so unwilling to start their own movie theatre; but I don't think it's because they believe that a movie theatre business model would make any sense if it ever existed, or they see themselves as little more than an advertising venture, which I don't think would make sense to many people outside the business. It's not like they are the only ones in their industry who aren't getting any of that tax revenue either. I'm not sure if the film industry is at fault, either. I don't know if they should be able to raise money from any kind of non-profit organization, and I certainly don't know if they should be able to raise any more. I know that I am a lot less happy that they don't want to raise any more. So it's not just me; this situation has impacted me a lot, and I really can't blame them for it. I think it is time the provincial government gave it some credit, and stopped looking for other ways to make money in an area that already sucks to the point where it needs a government that cares about it, and if you don't want to do anything to fix it, give up on it. It is just a matter of time before this gets even worse before it gets better.
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