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Search finds stranded indonesian fishers who survived earthquake in 2013

Anindito Nandwaraiah/Business Standard

A fishing boat carrying 545 survivors of a seismic disaster in Indonesia has reached Japan and picked up 3,000 passengers, officials said today.

The boat was docked in Tokyo's Shinto shrine on Thursday in the first visit by any foreign vessel to rescue the stranded people. The Japan Maritime Self-Defence Force (JMSDF) said the voyage carried 1,500 passengers.

"The ship arrived in Japan with the goal of finding survivors," said a JMSDF statement.

"The rescue journey began in March 2012 and lasted nine days," the statement said.

It said 1,800 people, including 11 women and five children, had died in a 7.7 magnitude earthquake in the Java Sea province of Pampanga, followed by an accompanying tsunami.

The Indonesian government later said an estimated 500 Indonesians died in the disaster.

The JMSDF, which is not part of Japan's government, had previously helped in the rescue efforts for four Japanese people aboard a fishing boat from Japan.

Rescues and disaster relief efforts were under way last week at a town in Papua New Guinea also badly hit by last March's earthquake that killed 4,200 people.

Man faces court over horse attack

The court is hearing evidence about the attack where a female horse, named Jax, lost her hooves to a mare and had to be left unattended in the paddock.

Judge Simon Fraser says he is considering the death penalty for her attacker.

One witness will tell the court what she saw.

"She was in the middle of riding her horse and was injured badly," he said.

The court will take up the case at 7.30pm on March 26.

Mr Roberts, from Wollongong, said Jax was ridden into the ditch by one of his own.

"All of a sudden I saw her hooves fall and hit the turf with a stench of death," he told reporters.

"She was completely out of the shot."

The court heard Mr Roberts had just finished giving advice about how to deal with dogs when he saw two mares fighting.

At the time the horses were a short distance away.

"They were the same size as Jax. She didn't know which of them it was so she started off with the bigger one," Mr Roberts said.

The witness said he started yelling for the other mare and the mare ran off in a hurry before Mr Roberts tried to stop her.

"I said 'go' and [her] ran off but when I started looking she was running along towards the other mare and as I passed her she stopped and I started screaming and screaming again," Mr Roberts said.

"I said 'get away from her'."

Mr Roberts said Mr Roberts chased Jax across the paddock which is about 400 m from the horse park.

He said the horse collapsed on the grass and suffered injuries to her hooves.

Mr Roberts will ask the court how long the mare was in the paddock, and how long the horses were not able to flee.

"He also wants to hear how she got to the park and the horses were in the area," he said.

He called for a prosecution witness from around Victoria who knows more about the case.

Jax will be back at the court on April 15.

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